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Ribét Academy's High School students take advantage of numerous Advanced Placement courses, excel in artistic and athletic arenas and participate in many extra-curricular and academic organizations. The Ribét Academy curriculum aligns with national, state and private university standards and is reviewed yearly and revised if necessary. Our academic curriculum and extra-curricular programs are designed to give our students every opportunity to excel.

Ribét Academy encourages students to challenge themselves by taking Honors and Advanced Placement courses during High School. Ribét offers a wide variety of AP courses, such as: English Language/Literature, Spanish Language/Literature, French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Calculus, U.S. History, U.S. Government, European History, World History, Art History, Studio Art and Computer.

High School students are also offered a variety of scholastic electives to round out their required units, including: Dance, Journalism, Speech, Debate, Black History, Theatre Arts, Art, Orchestra, Choir, Yearbook, Genre, Mock Trial, and Photography. Our art program intertwines with our academic curriculum. Student art work is very often displayed in galleries and museums throughout the community, including the California African American Museum, the Museum of Tolerance, etc. Emphasis is on student expression and creativity through visual arts, musical arts, theatre arts and dance.

Each October, our Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Grade students take the Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test (PSAT), which serves two purposes: to prepare students for the SAT, which they must take by their Senior year, and to allow them to enter a national scholarship contest. Ribét students have been commended on their PSAT scores, and have become semi-finalists in the national competition.

Every year the Science Department holds the Annual Science Fair with the participation of the entire high school and middle school, following which several students take part in the LA County Science Fair. The average number of medals won annually by our students ranges from fifteen to twenty-three.

Our students are encouraged to get involved with existing clubs and organizations or to create their own! These clubs and organizations are designed with student interest in mind and are meant to help further student involvement in their own education and in after school activities. Some of the clubs/organizations open to our students are: Ribét Student Alliance (student council), Computer Club, Book Club, English Club, Spanish Club, French Club, National Honor Society (both Junior High and High School levels), Armenian Club, Korean Club and Rail Fan Club.

Our Academic Counselor meets with all students and their parents annually. This affords a chance to educate everyone about college requirements and the Ribét path toward enrollment in the undergraduate program of their choice. The counseling office sponsors at least three trips