First Grade


First Grade has often been called the strongest part of the foundation of a child’s education. At Ribét, our first-grade teachers not only stress academic success, but social success as well. First-grade students require much patience from teachers and parents alike. First graders need a sense of security, generous praise, to be distracted from undesirable behavior in kind ways, opportunities to show what they can do and talk about their interests, as well as about themselves, and broadening experiences to satisfy their growing interests. Ribét Academy provides these necessities and experiences for our first-grade students.

Language Arts/Reading:

Ribét Academy’s first-grade students, if not already reading by the time they enter first grade, will be reading shortly thereafter. They work on understanding what makes up a sentence, they learn about verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, capitalization, and punctuation. Our first graders learn to write a class story, and then work on a personal narrative, followed by creating their own story using descriptive words, and how to write instructions.


In Math, first graders concentrate on further understanding addition and subtraction facts to 18, solid and plane figures, place value, money, calendars and time, measurement, fractions, making graphs and glyphs, and exploring multiplication and division.


In Science, our students learn about plants, the characteristics of animal lifestyles, and the life cycles of insects. They learn about the Earth and humans’ interaction with it, the sun and the solar system, as well as water and weather cycles. The idea of electricity, the five senses, systems of the human body, and proper nutrition and water safety are also part of Ribét’s science curriculum. In the discipline of social studies, our students are taught to recognize and accept others’ feelings and how to work together.


First Grade is a time for students to blossom. Educational and fun field trips and adjuncts such as Art, Drama, Physical Education, Vocal Music, Foreign Language, and Technology are wonderful fuel!

Ribét Academy provides its first grade students with a safe and rigorous environment for learning. Students are always encouraged to strive to do their best in all that they attempt.

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