Ms. Anna Stone

About:  Middle School science and high school marine biology teacher. I graduated from Southern Utah University with my undergraduate and graduate degrees and I am currently working on my terminal degree (P.h.D.) in educational psychology and a second masters of science in online instruction and design. I have two girls, one is in college at California State University, Fresno, and the other is in kindergarten here in Glendale. For fun, I like to conduct research and brush up on peer-reviewed studies in the field of education and psychology. I also play the violin and bass guitar and am a huge Pink Floyd fan.     
How long you have been teaching:  I got my CRLA certification in 1997 and I spent 2 years teaching high school biology, forensic science, and criminology at Bridges Academy. I have been teaching since 1997 but full time this is my 5th year. 
How long you have been at Ribet1st year  
Your favorite part about Ribet:  My students and how culturally diverse and accepting they are of each other! It gives me hope!  I also love how dedicated everyone is to providing quality instruction to our students.  From the top-down, the school acts in the best interest of its students and its teachers.