Mr. Robert Chang

About: Rob previously worked at Notre Dame SO, LaSalle HS, St Francis HS (substituting teaching, coaching football/basketball/volleyball/Fencing) University of Southern California Taekwondo coach. Rob is also a US Hockey Certified coach. Rob has been teaching martial arts for the last 45 years old - holding black belt in Taekwondo, Shotokan, Aikijutsu, Kobudo, and Japanese Kendo.
Education: University of Southern California JD 
How long you have been teaching/doing your job: last ten years
How long you have been at Ribet: since 2016
Your favorite part about Ribet: Ribet is an extraordinary nimble institution like no other - the structure of Ribet allows individual(s) at the highest level. Ribet does not hold students back like other types of academic institutions.