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Ms. Ying Fisher

I was born and raised in Northeast of China.  I went to Kyoto, Japan in September, 2000. I lived in Kyoto for three years where I attended the graduate school and worked part time at a Japanese company to support myself. I moved to LA in August, 2003, and I’ve made LA my home ever since. I have two children. My daughter is fourteen, and my son is ten. I enjoy traveling all over the world with my kids. I love exercising, reading, as well as hanging out with my friends and families whenever we can. I received my BA Degree majored in Business English from Jilin University in China.  I learned Japanese and earned my Master’s Degree from Ryukoku University in Kyoto, Japan.  I first came to LA as an exchange student from Ryukoku University to California State University at Northridge (CSUN) in 2003. I did one year of graduate study in Communications. Later, I returned to CSUN and finished my Single Subject Teaching Credential programs for English, Mathematics, and Chinese.  I also have a TESL certificate for teaching English as a Second Language at college level. I taught various classes in English, Mathematics, and Chinese at William S. Hart UHSD for twelve years. At evenings, I also taught ESL at Golden Oaks Adult School for four years. In addition, I’ve been teaching ESL at College of Canyons for five years.  In addition to teaching both secondary and adult students, I’ve also performed various administrative duties over the years.  I was the ELD coordinator for five years at William S. Hart UHSD, and the ESL department chair for one year at Golden Oaks Adult School.  I’ve also been the Principal of Los Angeles Language Academy for six years. I love Ribet’s beautiful campus, especially the six-storied main building and the on campus students’ dormitory.  Because of my multicultural background, I absolutely love the international and multicultural environment at Ribet. The world is forever interlinked and seamlessly connected due to the advanced information technology and the fast-paced globalization.  This is the future of the 21st century. I believe Ribet will be able to become a leader of all schools in the United States best preparing the students for all of the 21st century’ global needs and challenges.