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Re-Opening Plans

Ribét Academy is committed to providing a welcome and safe environment for our students on campus. Therefore, we will be opening online classes digitally beginning September 1st, 2020.

Once the level of COVID-19 cases are reduced to a level the government deems safe, we will open in-person, on campus classes in addition to our digital learning. All students will have the choice at that time to continue digitally or switch to In-Person Classes.  


Our purpose at Ribét Academy is to put our children in the best position possible to attend the best college for them while also keeping them as safe as we can. The schedule for next year will be subject to change depending on events but we will continue to provide high-quality education as well as opportunities for student life to take place. We will also be offering college courses for our Upperclassmen to give them an advantage when applying to college. They will be able to earn up to 2 years of college credit. We will send a tentative schedule and school calendar out the first week of August, 2020. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on Ribét’s campus as soon as possible.



Ronald R. Dauzat, Esq.


Ribét Academy