Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid:


Ribét Academy awards over $1,000,000 in Financial Aid per year for children to have a better future. We have been committed to sustaining a financial aid program to make a Ribét education accessible to families from all socioeconomic backgrounds.  Financial aid is awarded across all grade levels and is done through tuition reduction. There are two main Financial Aid awards at Ribet Academy, first is the Spotlight Program which is based on if a student is going to commit to certain programs and RITE which is based on income level of the family's household.  Below are explanations for both.


Spotlight Program:


This reduction in tuition is given to students who participate in certain programs at Ribét Academy.  The Spotlight Program could be a sport, an elective, or  an advanced class.  This reduction is offered to make the "Niche" programs more of a focus and grow.  Don't be afraid to ask what programs we add to the spotlight. 


The process is simple, at time of registration students will choose to participate in one of the spotlight programs, which will become part of their class schedule. The reduction in tuition will be locked in as long as they continue to participate in the chosen program. The Spotlight for 2024-2025 school year includes the Armenian Language and Culture Program.


The tuition for students in the Spotlight Program will be reduced to $10,000.  The tuition reduction applies to all grades, level K-12.  Some spotlight programs have multiple years (for example Armenian program has multiple classes so it is available in all grades). As long as students continue to participate in the Spotlight Programs they will continue to receive a reduction in their tuition.  If a students needs more financial aid, they can submit the RITE application in addition to participating in the Spotlight Program.


Example of the Spotlight Program Reduction:


Grade Level

Regular Tuition for

2024-2025 Year

 Reduction from
Spotlight Program
Tuition With
Spotlight Reduction




Elementary 1st – 5th


$5,958.00 $10,000.00

Middle School 6th – 8th


$10,196.00 $10,000.00

High School 9th – 12th


$13,066.00 $10,000.00


RITE Application (Financial Aid Based on Income)


Financial aid through RITE is based on the household income level. Submitting the RITE application is NOT a commitment to register at Ribét Academy. Parents are encouraged to submit the RITE application before registration.  Financial aid is available to all grade levels and the RITE application can be submitted each year a student is at Ribét Academy.  Secondary factors to qualify for RITE after the first year include a student's grades, behavior, and academic goals.   


Application Requirements


There are two primary elements necessary to complete a financial aid application (RITE):


1.  Submission of the Financial Aid for School Tuition application.  Families should use the link below.  Application must be filled out completely to be processed.


2.  Submission of all tax documents to (RITE), including W-2s, 1099, current personal tax return documents.


***  The school reserves the right to request additional documents, as necessary.


RITE Form:

Reduction in Tuition Exchange Application

Additional costs:


  • Students are required to pay for their own textbooks for Middle and High School (Elementary has Textbooks included). Textbooks can be found online through Amazon and  If a student has a PDF copy they can bring their iPad, laptop, or Chromebook to class instead.
  • Students must purchase their Uniforms.
  • There is a one time application fee of $105.00.
  • At the beginning of each school year there is an Annual Enrollment Fee (listed below).


Annual Enrollment Fee:




Elementary 1st - 5th


Middle School  6th – 8th


High School 9th -12th




Payment Plans


To help families budget their Ribét tuition, the school offers families three payment plans – one-time payment plan (Paid in Full August 1st), two-time payment plan (first payment on August 1st and second on February 1st), and monthly 10 payment plan (Due First of every Month).

Terms and conditions


Financial aid is for one year only.  Financial aid applications including all supporting documentation must be resubmitted each year.  Financial aid amounts are subject to change and are not renewed automatically. Continuing families currently receiving aid will be given first priority.  Failure to disclose information or intentional misrepresentation of information submitted may result in a loss of financial aid.