Arts Department

Ribét Academy strongly believes that access to arts instruction is an essential element of a school’s curriculum. The opportunity for self-expression provided by the arts enhances a student’s experience in school and supports academic success. Ribét is pleased to offer Dance, Vocal and Instrumental Music, and Theater Arts within the Performing Arts Program. We also offer a comprehensive Visual Arts Program.

The Performing Arts program for Ribét’s Middle school grades, sixth through eighth grade, covers elective course offerings in Dance, Instrumental Music (Orchestra), Theater Arts, and Vocal Music (Performance Choir).

Dance provides the chance to explore several different dance forms including but not limited to hip-hop, jazz, and tap. Aside from learning different forms of dance students have the opportunity to create a choreography of their own. As dance is a performing art, the course culminates with an end-of-semester performance which serves as the student’s final.

Orchestra: Learning to play an instrument opens up a whole new world of friendship and fun. Orchestra provides a great foundation for all aspects of life. In addition to music, students learn self-discipline; group cooperation; problem-solving; goal-setting; self-expression; memory skills; concentration; poise; enhanced physical coordination; and the importance of teamwork-skills, all in great demand in almost every aspect of life. Like all the arts, music has a profound effect on the academic success of students as well.

Performance Choir: The Ribét Academy Performance Choir combines choral singing with choreography and costumes representing various themes. Students learn the fundamentals of vocal technique including vocal exercises, breath control, tone production, ear training, and range development. Our goal is to help them acquire the skills that provide a foundation for music in their lives and to perform professional quality concerts that both challenge their ability and reward their efforts.

The creation of great choral music is a shared experience that lifts the spirits of all who are involved with its productions. We value the enjoyment we bring to the students, their families, and audiences in the music we teach, make and hear.

We promote excellence through continuous improvement. We maintain high standards for repertoire, curriculum, and performance. Our Choir requires dedication and responsibility to make it successful. Students must have the ability to be independent singers as well as an integral part of an ensemble.

Through music activities and community involvement, the Performance Choir helps to foster students’ personal and social growth – promoting a sense of self-esteem, accomplishment, and pride.

Theater Arts: As an elective course, the Middle School Theater program provides a full range of creative and performance opportunities for all interested students. Classes are designed to encourage students to develop individual speaking and performance skills as well as support students in working responsibly as a cohesive group. The Middle School Theater program may offer the production of a full-length play or musical. Auditions for the musical are open to all students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

Visual Arts

The emphasis in Middle School Visual Art is put on drawing. The bases of all higher art forms come from the ability to draw. We teach the students drawing techniques such as shading, perspective, proportion, the human figure and face, and composition. We then apply these skills in an attempt to master the use of the color pencil and in basic painting techniques. The students also learn about design principles and balance through the creation of assemblages. A stronger emphasis is placed on art history with museum field trips, written term papers, and oral presentations on various artists and art periods. The students also work on projects around the campus and are expected to participate in outside contests.

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