Fifth Grade


Fifth Grade students study United States history from its first inhabitants through the Civil War. They discuss diversity and the basic foundation of the country. An emphasis is placed on the colonial period, the Revolutionary War period, and the formation of our government. The vocabulary, maps, and readings are supplemented by visuals and field trips.


Fifth Grade Science is designed to provide a general foundation in life science, physical science, earth science, and a glimpse into the human body. This is the first year that students will participate in the annual Ribét Academy Science Fair. Students work on their projects for an extended time to learn how to conduct an experiment and present their discoveries.


Fifth Grade Math is the foundation for success in Middle School Mathematics. Emphasis is placed on the students gaining competency and confidence with the many different concepts they will be learning. From the use of decimals through fractions and graphs, our Fifth graders are well prepared to further their knowledge in Middle School.

Language Arts

Language Arts in the Fifth Grade builds upon the reading skills presented in the lower grades. Along with comprehension skills, we discuss the elements of a story and analyze reading strategies through the different genres in our anthology. We also read novels that reinforce the strategies and provide discussion for critical thinking skills. Our curriculum also includes a continuing study of grammar as we learn the basic components and how they can be applied to writing. A major emphasis is the writing process. We reinforce the steps of the process and provide an opportunity for daily writing. The structure of the five-paragraph essay with a basic thesis is introduced in the second semester. We hope to instill in our Fifth graders a love for reading and the ability to organize their thoughts and ideas in different types of writing.


Students look forward to the annual Fifth Grade trips to Riley’s Farm located in Oak Glen, California. The students experience a sojourn in America’s past, exploring the great conflict that divided state from state and brother from brother. The vast fields and orchards of Riley’s Farm, in concert with their skilled staff of Civil War living historians, help our students imagine the contours of Civil War life in a way that motivates ongoing study. Fifth graders continue with their study of the guitar or violin in instrumental music as well as their vocal music classes. Fifth Grade also enjoys French, Art, and Technology instruction.

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