Fourth Grade

Language Arts / Reading

Language Arts and Reading are taught in an integrated fashion with the use of the Houghton-Mifflin Reading Series, The Write Source, and Wordly Wise Vocabulary series which include but are not limited to:

Reading Comprehension; Literary Response and Analysis
Strategies -from basic sentence structure to full instruction of the Writing Process with weekly writing
Vocabulary and Concept Development
Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization
In addition to the fore mentioned skills, the students will be reading and working with three additional chapter books during the school year. These books will further enhance reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills and will instill a love of reading in each student.


Understanding Numbers and Operations
Data, Graphing, and Time
Multiplication/Division Facts- Multiplying 1-4 digit numbers; Dividing 1-2 digit divisors/long division
Algebra Concepts, Measurement, and Graphing

Social Studies

Each chapter is enhanced with geography studies, map skills, literature connections, and discussions that further critical/analytical thinking. The students are challenged with mini-group projects that are research-based, and are given the opportunity to give oral presentations. Students are required to do a written and oral report on a California Mission and must build a model of the said mission. Field trips include, but are not limited to, the San Gabriel Mission and The California Adventure Youth Education Program(YES!). These trips are linked to the curriculum to further enhance classroom learning.


Unit A: Ecosystems
Unit B: Energy and Matter in Ecosystems
Unit C: The Solid Earth
Unit D: Electricity and Magnetism
The students’ learning of science is enhanced with class group projects, observations, and journal writing exercises. Students are encouraged to take part in their learning by bringing items to the class that relates to our topics. Students are encouraged to present and discuss their items with a large group. A field trip to the Science Center in Los Angeles provides the students with hands-on activities that support our studies.


The students are also taught by several other teachers in the areas of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Drama, Physical Education, Art, and Technology.

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