Advanced Placement Courses

Ribét Academy encourages students to challenge themselves. One of the many ways Ribét students do this is by taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses are rigorous and demanding, as they require students to work at a college level. Students who successfully complete Advanced Placement courses are more competitive candidates for university admission. Students mastering AP courses and “passing” the National AP exams given each May can be awarded college credit for their efforts. Most private schools offer 7-10 AP courses, Ribét has 20! While course offerings vary by year, Ribét offers its students a wide array of AP courses as follows:
* AP English Language
* AP English Literature
* AP Calculus
* AP Statistics
* AP Biology
* AP Chemistry
* AP Physics
* AP European History
* AP U.S. Government
* AP U.S. History
* AP Spanish Language
* AP Spanish Literature
* AP French Language
* AP French Literature
* AP Music Theory
* AP Art History
* AP Studio Art
* AP Computer Science
* AP Psychology

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Advanced Placement Courses

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