English Department

Courses Offered: 

English 1 Ninth grade survey course is designed to provide students with a taste of everything to come in High school English and build a foundation of tools and skills for deeper study.

English 2 Tenth grade English is a survey course on American Literature. Students discover American authors from the beginning of the colonies to the present time while learning the literary techniques used by these authors to stimulate and motivate the readers. Students are also exposed to expository writing with in-class essays and reports throughout the year.

English 3 Eleventh grade is a survey of major British authors along with cultural and literary theory.

English 4 World Literature provides twelfth-grade students with a survey of authors and cultures with an emphasis on post-structural analysis.

AP English Languages Rhetorical analysis is taught in AP English Language. Students are exposed to a variety of readings from literature, and opinions, to paintings, and political cartoons. The students then learn how to analyze and write rhetorical essays, voicing their opinions on the subjects using personal knowledge. Students also learn how to take several articles and cartoons on the same subject, and synthesize them into one rhetorical essay.

AP English Literature and Composition The Advanced Placement Literature and Composition course is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to pass the AP exam and, therefore, successfully earn college-level credit for Introductory/Beginning English Literature and Composition.

Creative Writing An elective course encouraging students to explore their creativity through the writing forms of the genre, short story, novel, play writing, screenwriting, and poetry.


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