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World History This survey course examines the history of the world from the mid-fifteenth century until the present day.

AP World History AP World History is an all-encompassing seminar class dealing with events that range from the stone age to the nuclear age.

AP European History In the AP European History class, students will be exposed to cultural, political, social, and economic changes that have taken place in Europe from the time of the Renaissance to the Cold War and beyond.

United States History This survey course examines the history and development of the United States from the colonial era through the present day.

AP United States History In AP U.S. History students will learn about the origins of the American colonies through to the end of the twentieth century. This is also a seminar-style course that covers the major themes of U.S. history.

American Government This course examines the structure of the United States government, the political systems in the United States, and the United States Constitution.

AP American Government In AP Government students are introduced to the major forces at work within the American political system. Instruction will deal with the concepts of Constitutional law, the legislative process, and the ideology of our system of federalism and democracy.

Economics This course examines the structures of economies, major economic themes and philosophies, and the consequences of economic decision-making.

Black History This elective course examines the history of African Americans in the United States from the colonial era through the present day.

AP Comparative Government This course compares and contrasts the different political systems in the world, with an emphasis on six specific nations: Russia, the United Kingdom, China, Nigeria, Mexico, and Iran.

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