Our Theater Arts program is part of the Ribét Curriculum starting with the First Grade and is available as an elective option for Middle and High School students. Theater has been proven to be amazing for children’s development. Ribét’s Theater Department has been around for many years and will continue to be funded for years to come.
Through the Theater Department, Middle and High School students have theater lessons about monologues, drills, partner work, scenes, writings, and more. Students can learn skills for reading comprehension, communication skills, and public speaking. All characteristics make a student well-rounded and competitive in the long term.
With interest, there are additional plays where rehearsals are after school with students who are dedicated to the craft in a more serious manner. We take groups of students to compete in Theater Festivals with Monologues, Partner Scenes, and Music Mash-Ups.
Each year, the Theater Arts Department produces two Mainstage shows; a drama or non-musical in the Fall and a musical in the Spring.

Performing Arts