Social Studies Department

          Ribét Academy’s Middle School History courses are designed to provide students with a solid understanding of ancient civilizations, and introduce them to United States and World History. In all Middle School History courses, students will be exposed to the following teaching methods: lecture, discussion, simulations, debates, skits, oral reports, and cooperative work.
          Sixth grade: students study the history and civilization of Europe and the Mediterranean area in the Middle Ages. The emphasis is on the dissolution of the classical Greco-Roman world into three kindred civilizations, Byzantium, Islam, and Latin Christendom; the formation of a new civilization in the West; and the beginning of the eventual rise to world predominance of the West.
          Seventh grade: students take an introduction to World History course that examines economic systems, political revolutions, industrialization, imperialism, nationalism, world wars, decolonization and international organizations. Skills utilized include writing and speaking in class.
          Eighth grade: students examine American exploration and settlement, Colonial America, Independence and Revolution, the early U.S. Republic, westward expansion, slavery and the Civil War, Reconstruction and the New South, labor and immigrants, age of industry, overseas expansion, and the age of reform. The goal is to reach the period of U.S. history ending at the Progressive Era. Students develop critical thinking skills, research skills, and both oral and written communication skills.