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Academic Goals

          Ribét Academy is committed to making sure our students are able to achieve the goal of attending the best possible university for their interests when they graduate from high school.   


          Ribet, with our small, individualized learning, allows students to go into Honors courses, the next level of a subject, and even have the opportunity to take college courses. When a student first applies to Ribét, a diagnostic test is given to better determine their abilities. This, in turn, makes sure the students are challenged and continue to grow in subjects that they show excellence in. A specialized schedule aids in letting a student grow in subjects that they show weakness in. The main goal is to prepare them for College Applications which SAT scores (in Universities that still take them) and GPAs (which factor more in Universities that don’t take SAT).


           A student who graduates from Ribét and began in 9th grade has the following accomplishments (on an average): 10-12 Advanced Placement courses, an average a 4.5 out of 5 on AP Exams, an SAT score of at least 1470 out 1600, GPA of 4.0 or higher, and 200+ community service hours for their high school duration.


           A student transferring from another school usually was held to different standards. Ribét works individually with those students to excel and look competitive when applying. The schedule is set up to aid students that are advanced or behind in a subject since both levels of a subject is available in their class schedule.


           All students should not only have academic focus but a wide range of interests. We include multiple electives into our schedule: drama, speech/debate, choir, orchestra, dance, and an AP art program. The recommendation is to have students try out these electives to see what they enjoy and excel in. A lead in a play or a solo in a performance can show passion which highlights their talents for universities and colleges.  


          The student’s interest or goal comes first in planning their high school curriculum. For example, a student in middle school that chooses coding for an elective will, in turn, be given computer, robotics, or advanced math when entering high school. A student interested in art can graduate with a total of 8 art classes with 4 of them being AP level to show the diversity of their skills.


          In the past 4 years, Ribét has led students to Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, Berkley, and many more.  We are confident in the understanding of the college application process and have an outstanding ability to bring out a student’s maximum potential. Students will not be seen as an applicant, but an asset to their future university & student body.