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Science Department

          The Middle School Science curriculum at Ribét Academy exposes students to an integrated course geared toward a firm basis of the different fields in science, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth and Space Sciences. Concepts outlined in the different areas of science are distributed through the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, providing students with a comprehensive introduction of the various scientific fields.


          As a result, students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge throughout their Middle School careers, providing them with the tools needed to flourish in High School. In addition to the theoretical fundamentals of scientific principles, students gain a deeper understanding through labs and demonstrations that require hands-on involvement.


          The curriculum places great emphasis on the Scientific Method, which is reinforced with the Annual Science and Technology Fair, in which each student is guided through an independent experiment. Students are expected to follow the scientific method and produce presentable scientific reports outlining the methods and results of their experiments.