Elementary » Third Grade

Third Grade

          The main focus in Third Grade is to acquire long-lasting work habits through the love of learning. Our curriculum is very rich and our teachers excel in providing students with challenging material and academic support. The third grade teacher’s goal is to mainstream all students, even as she teaches to the top of the class. Every child is given the opportunity to excel academically, emotionally and physically.


Language Arts/Reading

         Ribét’s Third Grade students work on improving their writing and logic skills and practice paragraph writing to extend their skills toward a standard five-paragraph essay. They are required to write numerous book reports throughout the school year, each through a different medium. The language arts curriculum focuses on spelling and vocabulary enhancement, sequence of events, making inferences and learning about cause and effect. 


          Stressed in each of our grades is reading comprehension and clear, concise writing styles. Students also increase their dictionary skills and enhance their knowledge of grammar. They learn how to write letters and essays and they write daily about a Science, Social Studies, or Math lesson, or a story read in class.



          In Math, the Third Grade students continue their studies in addition and subtraction of larger numbers, while learning more about place value of whole numbers, comparing, order and rounding numbers. Students learn multiplication and division facts through nine.


Social Studies

          Our Social Studies curriculum first focuses on our country and environment, enhancing students’ map skills along the way. They learn about our oceans, coasts, valleys and plains. American history comes alive for students as they explore our country along with the frontiersmen.



          Ribét is renowned for its Science program, which is not limited to our upper school. We provide our elementary students with instruction in science using updated texts covering the California Challenge Standards and beyond. Students are given the chance to go to participate in science experiments and hold their own “third grade science fair” in their classroom.



          Third grade students also receive instruction in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Technology. Field trips supplement in-class instruction.