Whether your child was with us in Elementary or joining us for the first time in Middle School, all students will be challenged and grow into their unique interests and talents together.  The goal for our Middle school students is building the foundations of their future academics endears. Every class is designed to be an environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and (most importantly) the drive to learn and grow outside of the classroom. As these skills grow, all applications of it (whether it be Math, Science, History, English, Art, Sports, Coding etc.) will become easier and more enjoyable. This leads to an environment where a student is never overwhelmed or bored from lack of a challenge. After a while they will stop noticing that they have exceeded the more difficult programs at Ribet.


          This comes down to the most valuable aspect of the academics here. What is taught in Middle School is the buildup for the curriculum leading up to the end of high school. While studying and memorizing for exam day might be a good short term solution. It is very time consuming and much of the knowledge is not retained. The speed and detail of the topics taught here are made to discourage that type of behavior. Focusing on the foundations for Math, English, Science, and History are all important. Getting them used to long form essays, critical reading skills, applying Math rules naturally and directing what concepts your student must retain will be life changing.


          Once that foundation is built, the student can then work on finding their footing in terms of what interests them enough to build a career on. All Middle School students are encouraged to try all electives and see what they like and dislike. Electives are only required for 1 school year in High School and many students then change to have those electives after school as a part of club and competitions. The encouragement of trying new things and gravitating to the subjects that they enjoy, lead to a better-rounded student.