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          Ribet was one of the first schools in California to open its doors to international students in 2003. International students at that time were normally 1 year exchange students that came for a cultural experience and learn some English. Within the first few years however students stopped coming for that exchange and stayed with the intention of going to an American University after graduation. 


          As a College-Prep School we were prepared for this moment. Our English as a Second Language department was expanded in a way that all international students would have a high enough English level to take the honors and advanced placement (AP) classes. Within 5 years both domestic and international students were getting acceptances to the top universities in the country including UC Berkley, UCLA, USC, NYU, Stanford, and Harvard.


College Prep:


          Since Ribet’s main focus is to prepare students for academics after High-School, all international students are given an ESL test when they first arrive to see how much extra foundation they need. Within one year, a student will complete all the ESL classes they need to have them move on to the AP and honors classes whether they be English, History, Math, Science, Business or Coding based. 80% of all international students complete 10-12 AP and honors classes by the time they graduate and have a GPA of over 4.0. 


          While they are properly integrated into these classes, our counselor then works with them to look at extra circulars, clubs, competitions, sports and electives to create a well-rounded student. Education has changed a lot within the last 10 years and just getting good grades will not get you into the top universities anymore.




          We have students from all over the world including but not limited to: Armenia, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Myanmar, Singapore, India, Russia and Vietnam. For any students afraid of culture or isolation, we strive to create an inclusive campus life where all students feel valued and included. We understand the importance of building bridges between international and domestic students. 


          Through a range of initiatives and programs, we actively foster an environment that promotes understanding, respect, and collaboration among all students. Our student clubs and organizations encourage participation from both international and domestic students, promoting cross-cultural friendships and engagement. Events such as cultural nights, sports tournaments, and community service initiatives further promote unity and understanding among the student body.