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          Ribet Academy is one of the first schools in California to cater to International students. We have accepted international students for over 20 years from all over world. Over this time we have finely crafted an English Second Language program that will work for students of all ages. Do not be afraid of coming to Ribet if you are lower level and are working to improve. 


          Our experienced instructors strive to create an environment where a student will have both strict expectations for learning and the support to succeed if they start to fall behind. With the custom schedule the student has the ability to focus on the areas of English they are lacking. So all students will have the ability to pursue their other academic goals (Math, Science, History) and while still building the foundation of English they need to continue speaking for the rest of their life.


          All international students start their first day at Ribet taking a reading, writing, and speaking diagnostic test with one of the ESL teachers who then will determine what is the skill level of the student and what ESL classes they will have in the next school year. We have a total of 4 different ESL courses that a student can take throughout that first year at Ribet. 


          Most students however only need 1 or 2 to reach a high enough level to no longer need ESL. The final exam is to check that they communicate their ideas in a clear and concise way when writing or presenting.  As a College-Preparatory school we are very strict in the structure of all of our academics and this 100% includes our ESL program. 


          The main goal of ESL is to make sure that all international students have the ability to advance in English at a fast enough rate that they read, comprehend, speak, and write at a high enough skill level that they can take AP and honors classes within one year and have no academic difficulties. 80% of all students that started Ribet Academy with ESL have graduated with at least 10 AP and honors classes. They have been some of our highest level students, if you are interested in College-Prep in America do not be afraid to start here.