Kindergarten is the first grade of elementary school. Students begin to truly understand the importance of going to school and enjoying the act of learning. Our kindergarteners are encouraged to be okay with feeling uncomfortable, be capable of speaking in front of the class and never fear asking for help.


Language Arts:

          Ribet academy our kindergarten students will begin to read. This will include reviewing letter sounds which will transition to reading at DRA level 1. The goal is to have every child reading by the end of the academic year. We also focus on the early stages of sentence writing, handwriting structure, and phonics. In regards to reading comprehension we strengthen knowledge of the setting in a story, the beginning, middle and end, characters, and main idea.



          In math we follow Singapore Math Curriculum. A method which prepares students to take algebra in middle school. In kindergarten the topics covered are same and different, sets, counting to 5, counting to 10, number order, shapes, patterns, length, size, weight, capacity, equal sets, more, less, comparing numbers, numbers to 20 number bonds, addition 1-12, subtraction 1-12, numbers to 30, time, numbers to 100, and money.


Science and Social Studies:

          In science we complete 5 total units. These units include Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Space/Machines, Five Senses/Forces. Science is focused on two days out of the week meanwhile Social Studies is taught 3 days of the week. In Social Studies we complete 5 units as well. Which includes: Laws, U.S.A, Maps, Cultures, and Economics.



          Art is taught 3 days a week. We believe in allowing students to open their creative side and strengthen their artistic skills. Students practice with painting, glueing, cutting, clay, magazine art, water colors, markers and crayons.



          Kindergarten is a time for students to get into a strict routine filled with academics and artistic growth. Our adjuncts include, Dance, Music, PE and weekly trips to the library.