Math Department

          The Ribét Academy Middle School Math program is designed to review and reinforce previously learned skills as well as introducing new concepts, leading to a very strong foundation in mathematics applications. Students are encouraged to explore the idea that math is a tool used in a variety of curricular areas as well as life.


          The individual student has the opportunity to excel in mathematics with various course offerings. Once 6th Grade Math has been mastered, students advance to further challenge in 7th Grade with pre-Algebra. The challenge continues with Algebra I in 8th Grade. We have found that the eighth graders are ready for this level of learning; it also affords them the opportunity to reach the Calculus or Advanced Placement (AP) level in high school.


          The Middle School and High School Math Departments work closely together to ensure that students have all the required knowledge to take full advantage of the High School course offerings. Both departments agree that math is a universal language and understanding that language makes life richer and fuller with a greater appreciation of the world around us.