High School

                The section of every College-Prep school that needs to elevate its students the most is without a doubt 9th -12th grade. The goal of all college prep programs is to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a higher education environment. From 9th grade, students are tested with that goal everyday as Universities will be watching what classes they chose and how they do on subjects pertaining to the applicant’s major. Outside of Academics, they will also look at the extracurricular, electives and life experiences.


                Due to expectations that come with our 40+ year history of college acceptances rates at top ranked 4 year Universities, Ribet has had to innovate and grow its high school department. It’s not uncommon for new classes and electives to pop up each year based on our student’s university or major of choice. There is large pool of classes to choose from depending on skill levels, interests, goals and most importantly, the major that they will apply to university with. Due to this method, up to 66% ofl graduating students get into their first choice school. Our acceptances include Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, USC, UCLA, UC Berkley among others.


                The counselor will work with you to make the right decisions and guide you in choosing your schedule.   All High School  students are given a custom schedule. This means whether they are a 9th or 12th grade student, the freedom to specialize on your major, interests, or advanced skill level make sure they are never bored. Some of the more requested classes include: Intro to Law, Personal Finance, Business Math, Psychology, AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Macro & Micro Economics, Coding, and Advanced Art.


                These custom schedules also allow students to test into higher level classes. For advanced students we have over 30 AP’s available and all core classes have an honors version they can test into. It is not uncommon for high school students to take 10-12 AP and honors classes before graduation, normally in subjects that they enjoy.


                Academics alone however do not get a student into university. Applications have changed in the past few years due to the dropping of the SAT requirement for many Universities. All students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities on or off campus. Ribet offers different sports, clubs, and competitions based on student demands.