Visual Arts


Ribét Academy offers a comprehensive and rigorous Visual Art curriculum. Our Art faculty members are all professional artists as  well as teachers and as such recognize the importance of critical thinking and analysis within the study of art. An inter-disciplinary approach is presented by integrating basic critical thinking with studio art and art history. This helps students learn how art is defined culturally, historically, socially, politically and aesthetically. Ribét's goal is teaching students to “not just make pretty pictures but realize that they can say something with their art.”

Unique to Ribét is the art department’s collaboration with area museums. Working with the museum’s staff, our faculty guides the students in developing works for a cohesive exhibit examining a specific theme. The department has worked with: The Museum of Tolerance, The Californian African American Museum, The Chinese American Museum and the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy – Japanese American Museum.

The students also have an end of year show. Here they get to see their work professionally mounted and displayed and invite family and friends to view their accomplishments.


 The program begins with the introductory Art 1 class where students learn the fundamentals of drawing, drafting techniques and methods and design principles using black and white compositions. Art 2 is an intermediate class that builds on the previous course expanding into an of color theory, media experimentation and creative conceptualization. Advanced Art students further explore drawing, painting, color, design and visual conceptualization. This is a rigorous class in which independent thought, execution of idea and creativity are all required of the students. Honors Advanced Art is a comprehensive survey of contemporary art practice(s), history and theory. The class fully explores drawing, painting, color and design concepts with the majority of the projects focusing on painting and sculpture. Should they wish students may take their art to the collegiate level with AP Studio Art where the student will be required to complete 30 pieces of artwork leading to the creation of their AP Portfolio.

The High School Visual Art program at Ribét Academy is well known and respected with approximately ten percent of the graduating class moving on to study Fine Art at the university level.