Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Ribet Academy begins at an early age. Ribet has always believed in the arts as an important stepping stone in a child's education. With our wonderful performing arts director, Mrs. Stephenie Monico, has taught at Ribet Academy for 20 years. Learning new instruments, singing, dancing and acting are essential to a child's life. Children that participate in Performing Arts are more likely to becoming quick thinkers, express emotions, improve their self-esteem, look at the world in a new light, and master public speaking. Improving communication, concentration, and memory are just a few things that the arts accomplish. 
Our teachers have years under their belt and have been performers from a young age. 
Balden Dancing Elaine Balden has been a part of Ribet Academy's Performing Arts Department for 20 years. She was a member of the Lawrence Welk Show from 1979 to 1992 as Bobby Burgess's partner. She has toured and danced across the country.  She has continued to performing throughout her life. 
Balden and Bobby
Her love for the art stems from performing from a young age in Dallas Texas. She went to school as a piano major and eventually switched over to a Dance Major. Her career quickly took off and she continues to give industry help through her classes. Through her ventures at Ribet she has been able to see students grow into amazing performers. With her cheer team, members we recognized as All American Cheerleaders which she attended as they performed in the New Years Eve Parade across the world. She is currently teaching Elementary Dance, Elementary Theatre, Middle School Dance, Middle School Cheer, Middle School Drama, High School Dance, High School Cheer, and High School Competitive Hip Hop Team. 
Monico SingingMrs. Monico is no stranger when it comes to performing arts. Stephenie Monico is a Grammy Award nominee with 44 years experience in the music business. Truly a versatile performer, nominated for a Grammy as Best Female Jazz Vocalist, her talents range from big band to jazz-rock and everything in between. Combining her love for children and music, Stephenie was offered the opportunity to develop the music program at her children’s preschool. You must have flexibility in your act to mold it such that the audience is inextricably moved toward you. The difference between a good show and a terrific show is the ability of the performer to sense the mood of the audience.Monico Performing Since 1990, Stephenie uses her unique teaching style and experience to bring the most from her students as demonstrated in the annual Holiday and Spring performances.  Stephenie exposes children to songs that are new as well as standard favorites.  Her music program inspires children to develop confidence and self esteem while having fun learning.
“Music influences how a child feels. It is one of life’s sweetest pleasures and should be there from the beginning.”
Kateryna with a ViolinKaternya Kolesynk is a native of Kiev, Ukraine. She studied violin at Gliere Music College and the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music. She performed at the Internationale Beethovenfeste and Young Euro Classic Festival. As an orchestra member, she performed with the Philharmonic Chorus of the City of Bonn as well as Bonn Opera Chorus under the baton of Roman Kofman. As a member of the Ukrainian National Radio Orchestra, she participated in the number of professional recordings. Currently, she is performing with regional orchestras in California.